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Activities for kids - Paint like Pablo Picasso: Cubism

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Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is the most famous of the Cubists. Cubism consists of representing an object or a person from a number of different viewpoints at the same time. It makes little difference which material you use: paint, pencil, all works!

The technique

  • Start by drawing the different parts of a bust on a sheet of paper, in a variety of ways and using a schematic style.
  • Add a few symbolic elements (a heart, for example) or decorative features (a flower is fantastic).
  • Think about the way you'd like to put them together.

  • On a new sheet of paper, draw the various parts of your bust by putting them all together.
  • Now add some colour: think about how you can highlight each of the elements by doing so. For example, in order to really emphasise the parts of the face (with flashy colours), the face itself must be light.

Some advice

  • Why not have fun with the same model by making cut-outs and collages with some coloured sheets of paper?
  • Play around with new combinations but bear in mind that although the final result should be original, it must also be understandable.