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Activities for children: Making collages

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Here are some models to help you to make the best collages in the world: animal, house, or even Harry Potter, it's up to you!


  • 1 folder of Canson® colored paper
  • 1 folder of Bristol paper (a rigid media)
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 glue stick

You can also use a pencil (to draw the forms to cut out) but you will soon realize that it is often time consuming (the forms to be cut out are fairly simple) and much less fun than playing with simple scissors and a blank sheet.

1. Cutting out your doggie

  • In a first colored sheet: cut out the different elements that will make the silhouette of your dog (the body and tail and legs). No need to search for the perfect cut"": the angles and the small imperfections are part of the charm of the collages.
  • In a second colored sheet, cut the details: the eyes, ears, a nose, claws, spots.
    You can also cut a collar.
  • You can cut out a decoration in several pieces, such as a wonderful doghouse!

2. Glue your doggie

  • Before gluing, make a test assembly at various locations on your Bristol sheet!
  • Glue the cut elements little by little (starting with the silhouette and finishing with the details) on your Bristol sheet.
  • Are there some missing details? Cut the bone, the eyes and the mouth from paper and glue them at the end.

3. Tips to help you

  • If you can't cut an element all at once, do it in two or three steps, then just glue the pieces side by side. That will simplify things!
  • When your not making a decoration, glue your work on a colored sheet. This will highlight it.

4. Other examples!

An animal, a house, a character, your self-portrait… You can cut any subject!

Here are some ideas!