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The papers offered by Canson® are available in various weights and textures and are designed to be a source of inspiration to artists. The main features of watercolour are transparency and luminosity. Of all the wet techniques, watercolour is the most demanding regarding paper, and choosing the most suitable sheet for the composition is an essential part of the process. Canson® provides an extensive product range in which every artist will find a watercolour paper suitable for their expertise.

Canson® Héritage

Canson® Héritage is produced on a cylinder-mould machine using the traditional process of papermakers. It features an exceptional and sensual texture. It is made with 100% cotton fibres, a...

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Aquarelle Canson

Traditionnally produced on a cylinder-mould machine, Aquarelle Canson® paper is made from 60% cotton fibres. It has excellent longevity due to the fact it is alkaline-buffered.
Its natural...

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Montval® paper was designed by the famous painter Gaspard Maillol, nephew of the sculptor Aristide Maillol, and manufactured by Canson® at his request in the early 20th...

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XL® Watercolour

XL® Watercolour was specially designed for wet techniques including watercolour. It is perfect for students, as the paper is very easy to correct and it can be washed with a sponge or a...

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Graduate Aquarelle

Canson® Graduate Watercolour pads feature white, durable, fine grain paper. They contain 20 sheets of 250gsm paper. Perfect for getting started with watercolours and achieving the best results!


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