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Papier Canson CAD

Technical papers for CAD


The Canson® Imaging product line includes specialty CAD media suitable for a wide range of applications including technical, architectural, and engineering plans and drawings. The range, including films, opaque and tracing papers, has been selected as it offers high precision, excellent print contrast as well as conservation.

Opaque Paper

An 80 gsm Opaque paper suitable for black and white line drawings or small patches of solid colour. Ideal for first drafts and initial proof runs.


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Premium Opaque Paper

An excellent paper which offers a superb white base suitable for both line drawings as well as printing solid colour. The paper also has a neutral pH and so is suitable for archiving.


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Ultra White Opaque Paper

A high-white 90 gsm paper with an exceptionally smooth surface. The paper is buffered and so can be archived if required. With excellent opacity the paper also offers excellent definition and...

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Surfaced Economical Paper

An extremely high white paper suitable for large volume printing or for initial proofs or mock-ups.


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High Resolution coated Paper

Developed specifically for high resolution output, this paper is instant dry and offers very good imaging quality and print output. Suitable for large volume printing, initial proofs and mock-ups.<...

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Polyester Film 75 microns

A high-quality polyester film which has a two-sided coating: one for inkjet and one for manual plotting. This versatile film offers the inkjet receiving layer for the printing of CAD drawings and...

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Polyester Film CAD 75 microns

Designed for both monochrome and colour plotters, this double-sided coated film with a matt finish offers excellent fine line resolution for crisp plots and graphs.


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Satin Tracing Paper

Suitable for inkjet printers as well as manual drawing, this micro-fine surface offers excellent definition and contrast ideal for all types of technical drawings.


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Profilm copy for overhead projection

Film for overhead projectors. Compatible with all black and white photocopiers in the market. Exceptionally reliable: smooth feeding through the machine, high precision reproduction, perfect toner...

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Ultra-clear transparent polyester film, for manual writing. For overhead projection, comic strip, document projection. Not suitable for photocopiers.


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