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Canson Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts


Graphic arts extend the notion of fine arts to comics, design, illustration or graphic design. In order to get absolute precision, sharpness and consistency, designers, graphic artists and architects can rely on the Canson® Graphic Arts range.

The Wall

Innovative and totally opaque, Canson® has developed The Wall, a special paper for illustrators, designers, graffiti artists... It acts as a wall, resisting alcohol markers and spray...

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Illustration Manga

Canson® Illustration Manga is a specific paper for illustration, manga, comics (pencil, ink, wash, felt pen, fountain pen...).

Its weight and composition allow for easy...

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Illustration Bristol

Canson® Illustration Bristol is a very white, extra smooth and very resistant satin paper. It withstands repeated corrections by scraping or erasing.
It is ideal for pencils, pens...

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Canson® Illustration is a smooth drawing paper that is perfect for flowing, clean and precise lines without smearing. The ink does not run or bleed through. The paper allows for shadow...

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XL® Marker

XL® Marker is a semi-transparent, very white and very smooth layout paper.
It is water resistant and has a barrier to prevent ink penetration: the ink remains on the surface and...

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XL® Bristol

XL® Bristol is an extra white and very smooth paper that is very resistant to repeated scraping and erasing.
Perfect for students, it is ideal for precise drawings and allows for...

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Graduate Bristol

Canson® Graduate Bristol blocks feature extra-smooth 180g/m² paper. Perfect for precision pencil and marker drawings, thanks to the paper’s durable surface.


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Graduate Manga

The Graduate Manga pads are perfect to practice easily this worldwide famous artistic technique.

With a smooth, white and thick paper, resistant to rubbing out and scratching, the pads...

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Graduate Manga Marker Layout

The Graduate Manga Marker Layout pads have a semi-transparent, ultra-white and extremely smooth paper, ideal for layout work.

It withstands water and has a special barrier preventing ink...

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Graduate Lettering Mixed Media

The Graduate Lettering Mixed Media pads are perfect to practice easily the Lettering technique, the art of drawing letters, playing with textures and graphic elements.

The pads will...

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Graduate Lettering Marker

The Graduate Lettering Marker pads are perfect to practice easily the Lettering technique, the art of drawing letters, playing with textures and graphic elements.

They offer a bright...

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