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A nomadic technique, sketching is an everyday and spontaneous practice of artists. In all circumstances, they must be able to draw a silhouette, erase, start again...
A paper with plenty of bulk, a fine or smooth grain, a practical format, a good pencil, an eraser, and it's up to you to sketch!

"C" à grain® 125 gsm

The name "C" à grain® refers to this paper’s slightly grained texture that allows the artist to quickly achieve subtle effects of depth as well as shading between shadow and light. Its...

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XL® Sketch

XL® Sketch is a paper that has been specially designed for art students who use large quantities of paper and do lots of sketches.
It is an acid-free, ivory-coloured paper with...

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1557® 120gsm

Hiding beneath its apparant simplicity, 1557® is a rather sophisticated paper. The grain is neither too smooth nor too prominent, providing a subtle surface perfect for sketching,...

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XL® Sketch Extra-white

XL® Sketch Extra-white is a paper that has been specially designed for art students who use large quantities of paper and do lots of sketches.
It is an acid-free, extra-white...

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Graduate Sketching

Canson® Graduate Sketching pads feature a lightweight, slightly bulky white paper. Containing 40 sheets of lightly textured paper on which it's so easy to rub things out, they’re perfect...

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Ingres Ecoles

Ingres Ecoles is an authentic art paper with a natural white colour.
Its traditional laid surface grips to and retains pigments without being abrasive. It is the ideal paper for dry...

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180° Art Book™

This Canson® 180° Art Book™ of 80 sheets with rounded corners can be opened completely flat for unlimited artistic expression.
Elegant and solid black cover.

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Universal Art Book™

With its round corners it is easier to transport and more durable. It also has a very useful pocket for loose papers/items.Its elastic closing system is innovative: being attached to the interior...

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One Art Book™

This attractively priced Canson® One Art Book™ is an indispensable daily companion.

Canson® 100 gsm drawing paper.

Lightly textured black cover....

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Whizz Book

Whizz Book is dedicated to daily quick drawing and note taking. The 80gsm recycled paper inside the Whizz Book has a light grain surface which retains the pigments of graphite and allows the pencil...

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Notes Book

Easy to carry and with a fine spiral binding, the Canson® Notes Books are easy to handle and don't tear easy. Made of a light grain white paper, they are perfect for day-to-day notes, as...

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