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Canson Xsmart



The Canson® XSmart range is ideal if you want to learn about the latest drawing techniques! Each pad offers you the perfect paper to explore your imagination and express your creativity.

Follow us on youtube to discover tutorials & animations: you just have to flash the QRcode printed on each pad!

XSmart Fashion Design

XSmart Fashion Design is a very white, smooth paper for fine markers and pencil. Easy to erase, it is ideal for your graphic or design drawings.

The Canson® XSmart range is...

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XSmart Fan Art

XSmart Fan Art is a very white, thick paper for drawing your favourite characters with fine markers and pens. Its smooth surface is resistant to repeated erasing.

The Canson®...

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XSmart Sketch & Notes

XSmart Sketch & Notes is a smooth, natural white paper perfect for taking notes, writing down your thoughts and drawing your mood of the day. Ideal for graphite pencils, the paper is easy to...

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XSmart Drawing Art

Ideal for perfecting your drawing skills as the paper is very easy to erase so you can make changes or alterations as you draw. XSmart Drawing Art is a white paper that brings out the colours...

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XSmart Pixel Art

XSmart Pixel Art is a smooth, white paper with a 5x5mm grid printed on one side for your pixel art drawings. Perfect for graphite pencils, coloured pencils and fine markers for outlining.

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