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Canson pastel and colored paper

Pastel and Coloured paper


Canson® coloured drawing papers are a delight for professional artists and beginners. Genuine art papers, they are ideally suited to dry techniques such as pencil, pastel, charcoal... Art and Crafts hobbyists will also be able to find the perfect paper for their creative works (folding, cutting...) among a wide selection of textures and colours.


Available in 50 colours, Mi-Teintes® has all the characteristics of a genuine art paper. Buffered, manufactured acid-free in a neutral environment, it offers excellent protection against...

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Mi-Teintes® Velvet

Give your creativity free rein with Canson® Mi-Teintes® Velvet paper, specially designed to bring your pastel works to life.
Whether you're an amateur or an experienced...

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Mi-Teintes® Touch

With its finely textured micro-abrasive surface (thanks to a sand finish), Mi-Teintes® Touch is the ideal paper for working with pastels. It retains pigments particularly well and it is easy to...

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Canson® Colorline® coloured papers are versatile and ideal for any creative idea thanks to the two weights and the beautiful pulp-dyed colours range. Canson®...

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Iris® Vivaldi®

Canson® Iris® Vivaldi® coloured paper offers a high-quality smooth surface on both sides and a beautiful pulp-dyed colours range, perfect for Art and Crafts.

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Ingres Vidalon®

With its high cotton content, Ingres Vidalon® is an authentic art paper with a range of lightfast colours. Manufactured acid-free in a neutral environment (apart from the black colour),...

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Toned "C" à grain® 250 gsm

The name "C" à grain® refers to this paper’s slightly grained texture that allows the artist to quickly achieve subtle effects of depth as well as shading between shadow and light. Its...

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XL® Sand Grain

XL® Sand Grain is a paper made from organic, renewable materials. Its special texture allows pigment retention and is an ideal paper for all dry techniques (including pastel, charcoal,...

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XL® Kraft

XL® Kraft is a true, pulp-dyed fine art paper. This lined kraft paper is ideal for pencil, charcoal and other dry techniques.
It is acid-free and contains no optical brighteners,...

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XL® Black

XL® Black is a pulp-dyed paper, specially designed for all dry techniques (pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen). This double-sided paper is perfect for sketching and drawing and its textured...

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Graduate Black Drawing

Canson® Graduate Black Drawing Paper pads feature 20 sheets of intensely black 120gsm paper. The paper’s smooth surface is ideal for pencil and felt-tip pen drawings. The intense black...

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