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Activities for kids - Paint like Piet Mondrian

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  • 1 sheet of Canson® "C" grain paper
  • 5 colours of gouache (red, yellow, blue, grey and black)
  • 1 thick black marker
  • 1 ruler at least 30 cm long (which can cover the entire length of the sheet in one go)

The style of Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) may seem rather easy to reproduce, but his genius....much less so. Nevertheless, we are going to try our best!

The technique

  • Begin by drawing several thick perpendicular lines with your marker. Continue all the way to the end of your sheet of paper. There's no need to make too many squares or squares that are too small: your picture should remain legible.
  • Fill in the shapes with gouache: do not overload with colour, let the white balance out the design.
  • Attention: the colour must be laid evenly, without going over the lines! Simply stay focussed on the job at hand, and you'll be fine.

A tip

Mondrian has inspired a great many creators: we find his style on clothes, furniture, even cars. Now it's your turn to get inspired by decorating your notebook covers, bag and boxes in his style. Let your imagination run wild!