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Create a star mosaic

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The mosaic technique is a fun way to mix shapes and colours to make a pretty star.


Step 1

Download the PDF to get the template. Copy the template onto the white drawing paper.

The size of the triangles and squares should be as specified on the template. Take some red gummed paper and cut out 4 squares and 8 triangles.

Using the orange gummed paper, cut out 4 squares and 16 triangles. Cut out 8 triangles from the yellow, green and blue gummed paper.

Step 2

To stick the gummed paper, you must moisten the non-coloured side with a brush.

Take a cup of water and a brush, moisten the first square and stick it down.

Use the photo as a guide for where to stick the different shapes.

Step 3

Fill the entire template with the squares and triangles.

Let it dry and cut around the star.

Make a hole with a hole punch and thread thin ribbon through it.


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