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Create masks

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Make lovely original and unique masks with children.
Little ones can decide how to decorate their mask.
This activity is ideal for a masquerade ball or Shrove Tuesday or even Halloween.

•    Masks template
•    Canson® Kids Colour Creation Paper: blue and red
•    Canson® crepe paper
•    Metallic paper
•    Felt-tip pens
•    Hole punch
•    Elastic cord
•    Scissors
•    Glue

Step 1

Download the PDF to get the masks template.

Copy them and cut them out.

Use the blue paper for the rounded template and the red mousse paper for the pointed template.


Step 2

Use the felt-tip pens to draw coloured shapes around the eyes.

Cut out the metallic paper to match the shapes. Then glue the metallic shapes on top of the shapes on the mask so it sparkles.

Step 3

To make the mask even nicer, twist up bands of the metallic paper. Do the same with crepe paper.
You can also make pompoms, little balls or a feathery design.

Attach all the decorations to the mask.
Finally, punch two holes in the mask using the hole punch and string the elastic cord through.