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Activities for kids: Drawing a cat

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While drawing a tomcat, there's one golden rule to observe: watch it closely. After that, a few geometric shapes are all it takes to bring it to life...

1. Make a quick outline

Use a pencil to make thin, soft lines.

Place a cross on the cat's head: a horizontal line across its eyes and a vertical line down the middle. You can then position the eyes and nose by following the lines, without worrying about drawing one eye higher than the other.

This first step only takes a few seconds but is a crucial one for it allows your animal to have the correct proportions and a figure which is immediately recognisable (even with three eyes and two tails!).



  • A cat propels itself forward with the help of its sturdy rear paws: while drawing, feel free to give your cat an imposing backside!
  • A cat is an angular animal. It is therefore easier (and more logical) to draw it without too many curves.

2. Dress up your tomcat

The ears: Can be short, long, small or big - but must be pointed..

The eyes: Almond-shaped, otherwise you cat is no longer a cat (try to draw a cat with round ears and eyes). Result: You might say it looks like a mouse!

The paws: In front, make them nice and taut. In back, they look like they are about to jump (tell yourself that a cat sitting down is nothing more than a giant resting spring!).

The mouth: laughing, to give your cat a mischievous look. Don't forget you are dealing with an animal that is both playful and arrogant.

The tail: Moving, expressive if really bring your animal to life.

3. "Customise" your cat

A few tufts of fur in its ears or on its back are always welcome.

Flexible whiskers are a must. Whiskers as hard as uncooked spaghetti should be avoided at all costs. Dressing up our feline is a cinch: a simple necklace (or a lovely bow tie) and it's ready to go!

Dressing up our feline is a cinch: a simple necklace (or a lovely bow tie) and it's ready to go!

Don't forget the little details which go a long way: a fang sticking out from under its lips, a few stripes or some light hatches for shadow and volume.

4. Colour your drawing

Cats are clever and full of mystery. They are traditionally the companions of wizards and other sorcerers. Feel free to use your imagination while colouring your cat: big yellow or green eyes are perfectly in line with a cat's somewhat "mystical" personality.

If you can't be bothered with all the details, you can always just make a black cat. But be careful not to abuse this "technique": it will hide your mistakes but prevent you from progressing.