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Make a paper cactus

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A template and a little bit of coloured paper: this is all you need for the kids to make a paper cactus. This is an item that can be made both for mother's day or father's day.

For those without green fingers - give paper plants! 


Do you know how the cactus resists the desert climate?

To survive in hostile deserts areas, cactuses have developed some tricks to reduce their water loss: their stem is very thick, they have few or no leaves to reduce surface area for transpiration, their spikes or bristles protect them from the sun and catch dew drops, and finally they store water in their stem for days of drought.

Cutting out the cactus

Download the PDF to get the template.

Using scissors, cut out the cactus shapes on different sheets of green paper.

At this stage the cactus can be decorated with felt tips, using small dashes or dots to represent spikes for example.

Cactus assembly

Assemble the cactus and glue one or two flowers (fuchsia circles of around 2 cm diameter) per cactus.

Creating the pot

Using thick recycled cardboard, cut out a disc of 9 cm diameter.

Then cut out a strip of corrugated cardboard 29 cm long and 5 cm high (according to the height of the pot that you want), the corrugated lines of the card must be vertical so it can be wrapped around the disc.

Creating the soil

Using brown kraft paper, cut out thin strips of paper (2 to 3 mm) to create the soil layer which will go in the cactus pot.

To cut out these strips more quickly, fold the paper several times.

Finishing touches

Glue the cactus to the bottom of the pot and let the glue dry. Once the cactus is in place, put some strips of kraft paper in the bottom of the pot.

And there's your completed item that can be personalised and presented!