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Draw a soldier

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This sheet explains how to draw a brave soldier, in 5 steps, ready to fight the enemy! With this simple and fun method for learning how to draw, children will become real artists!

To create this soldier, you can use Canson paper®"C" à Grain®Mi-Teintes® or Vivaldi®.

Step 1

Start by drawing three rectangles in pencil as shown opposite.

These rectangles correspond to the soldier's body, head and shield

Step 2

Add the arms in a schematic form as well as some details on the shield.

Step 3

Give more detail to the solider by adding the features as shown opposite.

Step 4

Add the sword, the bottom of the chain mail and refine the soldier's face as well as his shield.

Step 5

Add whatever colours you wish (the chain mail is best in grey) and complement your drawing with a background or other (here there is a war machine in the background).


Has this project inspired you? Let the adventure continue! Canson wants you to showcase your students' creations by sharing them with our community. We'd love to see what they've created, whatever it is! Simply contact us using the contact form.