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Activities for children: making your mask

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Hidden desire to disguise yourself? It only takes a few minutes to make an original mask. Let's go!

Draw the shape


  • 1 sheet of ® Bristol paper
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 indelible black marker (for CD)
  • large paintbrush
  • Tubes of gouache (or, even better, acrylic, but that is not required). No water colors.
  • 1 glue stick
  • Glitter
  • Crepe paper
  • 2 pieces of ribbon about 20 centimeters long
  • 1 pair of scissors (or a cutter if you have an adult near by)

Draw the shapes 

1. With pencil, draw the shape of the mask (here a fantasy feline). Don't forget the future holes for the eyes and the tongues on which you will make the holes for the ribbons. Draw a cross in the center: you will be able to place the eyes, the nose and the mouth in the right location.

2. Once the face is drawn you can make a few lines with the marker to make them standout well.

Decorate your mask

Choose 3 beautiful bold and light paint colors. Dilute them with water.

1. Make the first layer with the lightest color of the three (yellow) over the whole surface. Don't be concerned about going outside the lines of the mask.

2. Do suns with the two other colors (orange and pink): make the paint the as liquid as possible and give a shake of the brush in the direction of your sheet. Painting on a plastic sheet is highly recommended...

3. . Allow to dry (air dry, not with a hair dryer which may save time but will damage your creation).

4. As soon as it is dry, paint the details: eyes, stripes, etc. This time the paint should be much less diluted to work well. You can make multiple layers of the same color, that gives a beautiful aspect of relief and a natural aspect for the best effect.

5. Let it dry again.

6. Make a few strokes of the glue stick on the places you want to decorate, don't let it dry, and sprinkle the desired amount of glitter.

Cut out your mask

You can finally get out your pair of scissors! Or ask an adult to cut without damaging your magnificent mask.

Glue several tufts of hair made from crepe paper onto your mask. If your adult has not been traumatized by the cutting, you can ask him kindly get out his extra strong glue for the crepe paper, it will hold much better than with the glue stick.

Use these models!

Here are several examples of masks to inspire you. Feel free to print them to try coloring them.