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Activities for kids: Drawing a hand

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Did you know that to make a perfect drawing of your hand all you need to be able to do is draw...a square? After a few tries, you'll be an expert in the field!

1. Make a quick outline

  • Draw a rectangle with a slightly widened top.
  • Outline the pad of your thumb in the lower left-hand corner of the rectangle.
  • Draw your wrist while being extra careful that it is not aligned with your hand. The end of the arm is always thinner than the base of the hand.

2. Position your fingers

  • Sketch your thumb into two shapes: a strong base firmly anchored into your palm and a narrow, almost pointed tip.
  • Mark the positions of your 4 remaining fingers with half-moons. Add a small "roof" to round off the top of your middle finger. Your longest finger (your middle finger) is, to within a few millimetres, the same size as your palm: you can easily find its position.


Small detail: Leave a small space between each half-moon. Look at your hand: you'll notice that your fingers are not stuck together...quite the contrary!

3. Outline your fingers

  • Draw your fingers, making their tips somewhat narrower. Be sure to stay within the borders of the "roof". Your pinky is always slightly more independent than your other fingers (play with your hand for a moment to see what we mean): draw it a little bit in the background to provide for an authentic and natural look.
  • Quickly mark the phalanges.

4. Draw the details

No need to draw your hand's every crease and wrinkle (on the contrary!). On the other hand, it is always a good idea to mark the wrinkles of your thumb, palm and a few phalanges. However, if you are not drawing a close-up of a hand like we are here, then you can easily do without these details which can quickly interfere with your drawing.

A tip

Drawing a gorgeous hand will take several hours of practice (along with the feet, they're the hardest things to draw!), so whatever you do, do not give up. After all, you have a pair of models which are always at...hand's reach!