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Drawing a castle

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This sheet explains in 5 steps how to draw a castle.

With this simple and fun method of learning to draw, children will become real artists!

To create this castle, you can use Canson® "C" Grain®Mi-Teintes® or Vivaldi® paper.

Draw the structure

Start by building up the castle in pencil.

Draw the towers and the hill

Still in the same way of building up your drawing, add the top of the towers as well as the hill the castle's standing on.

Rub out the unnecessary lines shown as dotted lines.

Add details 1

Add the crenellations in the towers and embellish the hill with a few details.

Add details 2

Add the arrow slits in the towers and draw the drawbridge door.

Add a little path to the hill.

Add some colour

Colour in however you like.

To make the scene more realistic, you could add some birds in the sky or a soldier on the path for example!


Has this project inspired you? Let the adventure continue! Canson wants you to showcase your students' creations by sharing them with our community. We'd love to see what they've created, whatever it is! Simply contact us using the contact form.