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Create a paper floral decoration

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Time required: 2 hr 30 mins

Create a wreath decorated with paper flowers. Perfect for decorating one of your walls, it'll create a retro, botanical feel.

List of materials:

Step 1 : Templates

Download and print the templates for the florale composition on to your sheets of Canson® Colorline paper

You could also vary the scale slightly when printing to obtain differently sized leaves.

You can personalise your design by going for an alternative combination of colours to suit your own personal taste.

To keep to the colours in the picture:

  • Page 1 of the template : Rose petal (2 printed sheets)
  • Page 2 of the template : Canary yellow (2 printed sheets)
  • Page 3 of the template : Bright green (1 printed sheet)
  • Page 4 of the template : Straw yellow (1 printed sheet)
  • Page 5 of the template : Apple green (2 printed sheets)

Step 2 : Cutting out

Cut out all of the leaves Some of the cuts can be made with scissors; use a craft knife if you feel more comfortable.

Do not worry if you cut exactly along the lines as these will be hidden from view.

Step 3 : Leaf volume 1/3

For the leaves made from pages 1 and 2 of the template, bend the them using a round tool such as a felt tipped pen or paintbrush handle.

For an even more pleasing effect, bend the leaves in different directions: inwards, outwards, upwards, sideways...

Step 4 : Leaf volume 2/3

For the leaves from page 3 of the template, score the middle of each leaf with a scissor blade: holding the leaf in your fingertips, press gently with a scissor blade and repeat with all branches.

Step 5 : Leaf volume 3/3

For the larger leaves from pages 4 and 5 of the template, score the folds using a craft knife.

Carefully run the knife free hand from one end of the leaf to the other then fold by running both hands up the paper to obtain a clean fold.

Step 6 : Base

Cut a rectangle approximately 30x12cm in size from Carton plume, adjust the base to suit the desired use and shape for your composition.

Want it to be longer? Rounder? It's up to you! Stick a fastener to the middle of the base.

Step 7 : Initial leaves

Start by gluing the larger leaves on to the base, ensuring that the edges of the foam board are completely covered.

Step 8 : Composition

Arrange the other leaves on top of these, trying out different arrangements.

Once you are happy with your design, glue the leaves on, one at a time. A blob of glue on the base of the leave is sufficient for this: the idea is for the remainder of the leaf to be "free".

Step 9 : Volume

To give your design a bit more volume and make it more pleasing to the eye, bend the last leaves and glue them so that they are hanging over the base.

This will therefore create a "hanging basket" effect, while concealing the white base.