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Creating a paper animal portrait

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Time required: 1hour

Create a colourful paper portrait of a bear. Ideal for decorating a child's bedroom or as a postcard!

List of materials:

Step1 : Templates

Download and transfer the different parts of the bear onto the different coloured sheets using a sheet of Canson® tracing paper

  • Background: Honey suckle
  • Frame: Havana clear
  • Bear: Steel grey
  • Clothing: Canary
  • Clothing details: range of colours

Step2 : Cutting out

Cut out all the parts and decorate the bear's clothing with patterns: polka dots using a hole punch, lines of different thicknesses, etc.

Step3 : Glueing

Glue the decorations onto the clothing one by one, mixing up the shapes and colours to ensure a well-balanced composition.

Then cut off any decorations which stick out.

Step 4: The bear's face

Glue the different parts onto the bear's face and draw eyes using a black felt-tip pen.

Step 5: Base

Cut out a 13x19cm rectangle from the light-coloured Havana paper and a 12x18cm rectangle from the Honey suckle Wall paper.

Glue the centred rectangles together and then glue the bear in the middle.