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Make your own 3D paper insect

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Time required: 1 hr 30 mins

Create your own multicoloured paper insect. Follow this step-by-step guide to create the basic insect, then add your own personal touches.

List of materials:

  • Canson® Mi-teintes Anis, Canary, Raspberry, Dark Grey, Cadmium Yellow Deep
  • Canson® Carton plume®
  • Heart-shaped punch
  • Hole punch
  • Craft knife
  • Quick-setting paper glue (with brush applicator)
  • Template: 3D Insect

Step 1 : Template

Download the Canson® 3D paper insect template

Print this out and transfer all of the insect parts on to  appropriately coloured Canson® Mi-teintes pastel

paper. Feel free to choose your own colours and give your insect a unique design!

Step 2 : Cutting out

Cut out the simpler pieces with scissors. 

When it comes to the wings, on the other hand, because of their delicate shapes, start by cutting out the inner sections using the craft knife, then cut the outer wing shapes with scissors.

Step 3 : Body assembly

To shape the body of the insect, glue the two sides together edge to edge, overlapping them slightly. 

Where possible, use a quick-setting paper glue. 

The parts will then glue together in just a few seconds. 

Step 4 : Insect base 1/2

Cut a 6.5x10cm rectangle out of Carton Plume® Canson®.

Lay the insect body on top of this rectangle and with a pencil, draw round it on to the carton Plume® Canson®.

Step 5 : Insect base 2/2

Cutting 2mm inside the lines, cut out the body shape that you have just drawn, using the craft knife. 

Go round the edge of the foam board with a thin trickle of glue then place it inside the insect "shell".

Fold the tabs over and stick them down.

Step 6 : Fastener

Stick a fastener to the back of the insect, ensuring it is properly centred.

Step 7 : Wings

Using the paintbrush or a similar round tool, curve the ends of the wings slightly. 

Glue the thin wing pieces to the underside of the wing pieces with cutouts, and glue them to either side of the insect.

Etape 8 : Antennas

Fold over a few centimetres of the antennae and stick them down on to either side of the top of the insect. 

Next, stick the mandibles on to the back of the insect.

Etape 9: Decoration

Next, using the hole punch, cut out some small coloured shapes to decorate the insect's back with.

Glue on decorative hearts or spots to suit your taste