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A fresh look and new content for Canson Studio.

21 January 2018

Initially launched in 2014, Canson's tutorial and advice site now has a brand new design and offers, in addition to numerous advice sheets about how to use and apply artistic techniques, new tutorials specifically aimed at creative hobbyists and children.

Not used Canson Studio yet?

If you're looking for tutorials to get you started, tips to help you improve, advice about choosing the best product for the kind of art you do, or simply a source of inspiration, then Canson Studio is just the solution you need. Watercolour, oil painting, acrylic, pastels, drawing, manga, picture framing, photography, art publishing… these are just some of the skills and techniques we tackle on the Canson Studio website in the form of written tutorials and videos.

The site now also includes an entire section dedicated to creative activities for children. Whether you're a teacher, a classroom assistant, the manager of a summer camp or even a parent, you'll find a multitude of advice sheets covering topics ranging from introductions to art history and great painters such as Picasso through to tutorials about how to make pop-up cards and step-by-step guides to learning to draw.  And accessing it could not be more simple. You'll find a direct link in the menu titled 'For Kids'. Simply click it and choose the tutorial that best matches your needs and requirements!

We want to take this opportunity to invite you to share your creative work with us! If you have any creative ideas or would like to share any tips yourself, please get in touch with us via our contact form.