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Make a Valentine's Day Gift

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Be original and make your own gift for that special person!

Simple to make, you just need 7 Canson® Colorline® 150 gsm sheets and Giotto® glue.

Follow the 5 steps described in this sheet to make a nice present for Valentine's Day.




14th February is Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is a traditional celebration in Anglo-Saxon countries.

It only started to develop in France from the 1980s. As with many festivities, the origins of Valentine's Day are uncertain.

Historians believe the origins lie in ancient Rome. 

Step #1

To make a rose, take a Colorline® sheet and draw a 4 cm diameter circle.

Cut out your circle.

Step #2

Cut a spiral inside your circle about 1 cm wide.

Cut the outer end of the spiral to get a straight tip.  

Step #3

Wrap the paper around itself to build your rose.

To keep it in place, you can add a dab of Giotto® glue to the back under the centre of the spiral. 

Repeat these steps to make 31 roses.

You can alternate the sizes by drawing circles of different diameters: 8 cm and 10 cm.

Step #4

Trace a heart on a Colorline® sheet then cut it out.

Then glue the roses to the heart.

Step #5

Congratulations, you have completed your beautiful Valentine's Day artwork.

Why not write a little message on the back?

Now all you have to do is give it to that special person!