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Vera Ferro “Refugees” : critical vision written by Prof. Oscar D’Ambrosio

20 February 2017

Refugees are photographs rebuild on metal engraving and gouache over Canson fine art paper.

Focusing the immigration topic, fine artist Vera Ferro reaches significant effects. Her main concern is people surpassing boarders. The images show mothers carrying their offsprings and really epic promenades.


Her maps are not geographical, but existential. It is possible to perceive the immigrants and refugees drama by the way they dress and stare. They journey is permeated by fences, walls and grids, which generate to nearby children and adults the same perception: not belonging anywhere.


The artist proposal reveals something we can call “aesthetics of walking”. People portrayed constitute an anti-violence lampoon. They carry in all their steps the heaviness of existing before a barely favorable present time and an unpredictable future affected by political, social and economic influences. 


The images point out how each one of the immigrants holds its burden. Vera Ferro achieves, with lines, colors and shapes, an authentic language not subdued by the emotiveness of the theme and exhibit it crystal clear, maintaining drama tensions with technical rigour and delicacy.  


Oscar D'Ambrosio  is PhD in Education, Art and History of Culture and Master in Visual Arts.

 Vera Ferro

© Vera Ferro