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Get inspired by artistic creations on social media.

October 19 2022

Every day we get to see your drawings and painting on Canson paper on social media. This makes us incredibly proud!

We wanted to thank all these creators by giving them more visibility on our website. That's why we've created the "Inspirations" page so we can highlight some of our favourites. 


Watercolours, paintings, decoupages, sculptures, photos...there's something for everyone! If you click on an image, you will be able to see who made it (you will be directed to the artist's Instagram page) and what kind of paper their work was made on (if/when we have that information). 


The other advantage of this page is that it also provides a great source of inspiration. This is why these images are also displayed on each of our product pages: seeing how other creators use our papers can inspire you, boost your creativity and open up a world of possibilities!


If you want the chance to see your work displayed on one of our product Inspirations pages, why not tag us (@cansonpaper) in your post on Instagram using the hashtag #canson. If we like it, we will post a comment and all you have to do is reply to it with @cansonpaper and #yescanson to appear on our wall. Also don't forget to mention the name of what paper you used for your artistic creation!