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Printing art...why not give it a try?

25 January 2017

Encaustic, printing, drypoint, etching, varnish...there are so many terms, when you list them all it can seem a little overwhelming! If engraving is a technique which seems inaccessible to start with, imagine how wonderful it is to see your own finished print made in the traditional way.

With the tutorials you can find in the Canson® Studio, why not give into temptation and let us guide you through an engraving adventure. To start with, material wise, you'll need...a milk carton, ink and a spike, and of course your model. Next follow the steps in the tutorial entitled, «Engraving a character on Tetra Pak® and printing it on paper».

For the more seasoned artists among you, there are several step by step guides and tips on engraving available: engraving with lavender oil, china engraved block printing, woodblock printing...

In short, you'll know everything there is to know about engraving. To help you with your task we can recommend two types of paper: Canson® Barbizon ou Canson® Edition.

Enjoy exploring your creativity! Regards Canson®