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Learn how to create paper objects with the new creative tutorials on the Canson® Studio website.

21 July 2017

Do you like making beautiful things? Do you like working with paper? Canson® has put together some step by step guides for you.

It’s always nice to be able to say, with great pride,  “I made that.” Canson Studio® tutorials gently guide you along the creative path.  All you will need for most projects is a few sheets of paper, scissors or a craft knife, glue, and maybe a little bit of patience!

Canson Studios® has long been the go-to place for learning about fine arts (Watercolours, Illustration, Framing...). There is all sorts of advice available in both written and video format. You’ll find inspiration, tips on selecting materials and some more technical guidelines. There is also a range of tutorials for “decorative" projects

Here are some ideas: build a paper plant, create a piece of geometric wall art, use paper cutting to make a picture, craft an animal trophy, or, for an even more outlandish project, make a 3D insect. For each project, you can download a template which will help you master cutting and folding.  It is all described in detail to help you every step of the way. And now it's over to you!

Feel free to post pictures of your completed projects on our Facebook page! And if you have tons of creative ideas of your own, please send them to us via our contact form. They may be published on the Canson Studio® website!