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Exhibition of Adam Romaniuk – “BETWEEN printmaking and digital image 2000/2015”

16 November 2015

October 8th at the Rotunda ART Gallery in Katowice took place the opening exhibition of works made by well -known graphic, professor at the ART Academy in Katowice - Adam Romaniuk.

The professor is one of the most famous exponents Canson® brand in artistic environment in Poland. One of areas that particularly interests him is to create graphics in digital printing technology. Its main task is to show how digital printing can enrich the work reminiscent in form to traditional graphics or painting.

The exhibition is a presentation of digital copyright graphics from the years 2000-2015 made mostly on Canson® papers including Canson® Infinity canvas. The exhibition is accompanied by an album of works provided with a great preface that describes the entirety of the work of Professor, photos, graphics and advertising Canson® papers.

During the exhibition opening, Witold Holan, Marketing director of Canson®, handed professor a diploma in recognition of their special contribution to the promotion of Canson® Infinity brand