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Celebrate St Valentine's Day with Canson®!

3 February 2017

On 14th February we celebrate love. Canson® can help you on this day that is often full of emotion (and therefore creation).

From 10th February, on our Facebook page, you'll find posts that combine Love and Art. In fact, for all times and in all forms, Love has been a source of limitless inspiration for artists. So each day, you will be impressed by the spirit of St Valentine via unforgettable anecdotes and artworks. If you feel inspired, don't hesitate to share your work on the theme of Love on our page!

Canson® can also provide some quick and simple tips for making a beautiful St Valentine's day card for your soul mate!

On a sheet of Canson® Imagine paper, make a drawing in pastels (a heart, a kiss, intertwined hands, etc.) or simply write a message. Then cut several pieces of Canson® Crepe paper in different colours to obtain beautiful shades. Dip them into water. Using a brush, apply them onto your paper. Finally, lift the wet crepe paper off. The colour from the crepe will be left behind and the motifs you drew will be white. A little like using a mask on a watercolour. Leave your card to dry. Now you just have to add your message or poem and it's ready!



Canson® wishes you all a happy St Valentine's day