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Canson is on Instagram

18 January 2018

After first Facebook and YouTube, Canson is now also on Instagram.

Paper is a highly versatile material that can adapt to meet all your demands and be used in any way you like and however your imagination desires. Every day, on Instagram, we see thousands of artists sharing their artworks and inspirations. We are therefore absolutely delighted to now be launching our very own page, which we will be using to share our tutorials and latest new products with you, to provide fun animations and, most importantly of all, to highlight and showcase the artists and creators of all ages who use our paper products.

If you want to participate and get involved, be sure to use the hashtag #canson when posting your creations so that we can spot your posts and share your artworks with as wide an audience as possible.

So if you love being creative and making things, are looking for inspiration or simply adore paper, here's the new address you need to know:


Canson on social networks

With more than 125,000 followers around the world, each day on Facebook we share all our latest news, our personal favourite picks and the things that have inspired us. We provide you with short cultural quizzes, quotes to discuss and comment on, opportunities to post your artworks on our wall and thus get seen by our followers, and finally, competitions to win Canson products!
So if you're not yet a follower, you know what you need to do…

On our YouTube channel, we have around 250 videos offering you tips and advice about art techniques or simply designed to tell you more about Canson. Want to learn about our range of digital fine art paper, find out how to create a manga cartoon strip, get a look behind the scenes at our partner the Louvre, or even wander around the European Watercolour Exhibition and Symposium with us? Nothing could be more simple. All you have to do is subscribe to our channel!

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