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Canson Brazil launches a noble line of watercolour papers at MAM (Museum of Modern Art)

20 January 2017

Fine artists, art reviewers, fine art printers and fine-arts stationary dealers attended to the L’Aquarelle Canson Heritage launching event.


100% cotton, no optical bleachers and no animal compounds, crafted and artisanally manufactured in round moulds, homogeneous, formed by multidirectional fibers, high performance in keeping moisture and in colors appraisal, soft and velvety texture, natural hand-cut  edges and authenticity signature. Those are characteristics inherent of the L’Aquarelle Canson Heritage papers, a new line of products launched last Monday (12/5) in Brazil, during a cocktail-vernissage at the São Paulo Modern Art Museum (MAM), with the attendance of artists, reviewers and fine-arts professionals.


The event was a company boundary, as pointed by Canson Brazil manager Fredéric Darrigan: “Canson achieves 460 years of existence and offering to the watercolours artists a paper with Heritage high standards is very emblematic. This deep significance can be understood when one examines the brand history and its steady search for innovations able to improve its products.


L’Aquarelle Canson Heritage manufacturing process is grounded on mastered and valuated traditional techniques, perfected and new technologies added. This includes it on the small and selected group of artistic papers. Therefore, these papers offer support to classical painting and illustration skills and render experimental attempts, what certainly amplifies singularly its expression possibilities.


All this context allows to assert that the Heritage line can be considered, regaining Darrigan discourse, as “a Canson tactic to demonstrate all its savoir-faire (know-how) accumulated on these centuries developing artistic papers with high score in aggregated values”. It is a long tradition in creating specialized deliverables and of association with great artists works what the new papers represent.    


In order to demonstrate the qualities and characteristics of the new line, the professor and fine artist Luís Castañón performed a live presentation, in which made use all the Canson Heritage range of papers: grain fin, grain satiné and grain torchon, available in the grammages 300g/ m2 and 640g/ m2.


Castañón asserted that the paper does not disfigure, even when one applies over it a generous amounts of water and ink. Other relevant distinction aspects of the new product were exploited, as efficient drying in humid and dry method, homogeneous wateries and high resistance to abrasion and erasures.


Again retrieving artist words, “in the tests with pastilles and wax tinctures, they flow nicely, do not stain and do not scratch”. Furthermore, other characteristics were pointed out, as the gaining of more vivid tones to the cold tinges and the bare existence of ebbing tides. After the presentation, guests could bring closer and perceive by they own hands, experimenting all that was previously showed.


General opinion brought referendum, and kits with Canson products were gifted in the output, including Heritage line samples. Undoubtedly, also this cocktail-vernissage as the desirable feedbacks to be received will be incorporated as guidelines to the brand and its new line of papers development.


Canson Brazil

Innovation and creativity are DNA Canson composing parts since its foundation in 1557, since the biggest brand tradition is its constant search for nobler feedstocks, more sophisticated manufacturing processes and offering differential products. Providing resources to ennoble artistic creation with new and relevant expressions resources is the mission Canson is proud to keep and perfect.