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Anthony Chambaud, new Canson® ambassador!

10 April 2019

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the talented artist Anthony Chambaud.

"Canson® tells the story of both my region and my childhood. From an early age, every art class started with the ritual of opening the Canson® packet then losing myself in a creative actitvity.  It's still that same ritual now and I still use Canson® paper for all of my prep work."


Anthony Chambaud has always had a creative streak. From a young age he's dabbled in music, drawing and Latin dances.  But, when he stumbled across an abstract picture in 2010 it was a real revelation.
From that day onwards, Anthony has been absolutely passionate about abstract painting and continues to experiment, playing with paintbrushes and acrylic paint.


Anthony Chambaud - His gallery on​