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Scrapbooking : Choosing your materials

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To create a scrapbook photo album, you need paper and a few specialized tools. The most important thing: Don't forget anything!

1. Paper


The traditional size of a scrapbook page is 30 x 30 cm.  You'll also find 30.5 x 30.5 cm paper, suitable for traditional size albums.


Colors and textures

Depending on the content of your photos, you will choose solid color or designer paper. Patterned, checked, striped, polka-dotted… you will have a lot to choose from! Don't forget to vary the textures as well: tracing paper, paper embellished with leaves and flowers, faux metal, wood, or leather looks...

To make things easier, you can use a paper pack with a matching assortment of papers.


Which kind of album should you use?

The most frequently used size is 30.5 x 30.5 cm. Scrapbooking albums disassemble completely: the binding is removable. The advantage? You can adjust the number of pages in the album, adding more pages as necessary as you go along.  You'll always have enough pages!

2. Adhesives

You'll need a glue stick for large surfaces. For precise gluing, use a liquid glue with a thin applicator tip or "glue dots" (small dots of adhesive used to attach embellishments).

To make things easier, you can use double-sided adhesive tape. Because it is extremely thin, double-sided tape will not show through your photos.

Pop-dots (sticky backed foam squares) make it possible to add dimension and highlight elements on your page.

3. Cutting Tools

Utility knife, ruler and scissors are required items. You can gradually add more specific tools to your collection, such as :

-a paper trimmer (fixed blade or rotary) for perfect cutting.

-decorative edge scissors (choose stainless steel blades) for making decorative effects.

-different punches, just for fun.

-a cutting machine (connected to your computer, its software allows you to create any shape you can imagine and cut it out perfectly).

Getting it right: Carefully stored photos

Scrapbooking keeps your photos safe from the passage of time.  However, only if you follow certain rules:

-Store your photo albums away from dust, heat and humidity.

-If possible, only use supplies which are guaranteed acid free (papers, albums, plastic sleeves, adhesives, writing instruments, embellishments).

-Handle your photos with fine cotton gloves.