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Photography: Getting the right focus

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Taking pictures with the the foreground in focus and the background blurred is a thing of the past! Let’s take a detailed look at the steps to take in order to get the right focus.

1. Still subjects

Compacts: may offer the facility to focus on multiple subjects. Choose the subject you wish to place in focus using the camera’s keypad. To save time, go into your camera menu and  select the option to focus on the centre of the picture.

SLRs: the viewfinder incorporates several autofocus sensors (small squares) which help the  camera to focus. It is better to go for the centre point, which performs better than those around the outside. 

  • Get the subject in the centre of the frame, placing them over the middle focus sensor, then press the shutter release button halfway.
  • While the button is half-pressed, the focus is fixed at the distance measured by the sensor.
  • Move the subject out of the centre of the frame to achieve the ideal composition.
  • Shoot!

2. Moving subjects

Does your camera have a continuous autofocus feature? Now’s the time to switch it on!

  • Choose the area off the picture (or autofocus sensor) that you wish to focus on.
  • Press the shutter button half way: your camera focuses.
  • Track the subject, ensuring that they remain within the focus area.
  • Press the button when you are ready take take the shot.

What if your camera doesn't have continuous autofocus?

  • Focus in advance on the area that your subject is about to pass through.
  • Wait patiently for them to reach that point and... shoot!

À retenir : ayez le réflexe de consultez votre manuel d’utilisation. Vous règlerez correctement les paramètres de mise au point (mise au point en continu, détection automatique des sujets, sélection des capteurs autofocus ou des zones de mise au point).

En pratique : Quand la mise au point patine…

Dans les scènes à faible luminosité ou à contraste réduit, la mise au point peut ne pas se faire correctement. La solution : activez l'éclairage d’assistance (il utilise le flash de votre appareil) intégré à l'appareil photo. Attention, cette lumière est très désagréable !

Avec les réflex,  activez l'assistance avec le flash externe : une lumière peu visible, qui ne vous fera pas trop remarquer !