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Photography: choosing accessories

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Looking for that perfect shot? The choice of camera is important, as you might expect, but it is not the only factor! It also comes down to accessories. Let us focus on some of the key options.

Memory cards

  • It is better to go for a well-known, reliable brand, as low-priced cards often develop faults.
  • When traveling, always make sure you have at least two 4GB (minimum) cards with you (including a spare in case one malfunctions). You will then have enough storage for several thousand pictures.


Used to steady your camera and avoid motion blur.

  • When using an SLR, chose a solid, sturdy model (fairly heavy: 3.5kg minimum excluding tilt head), and where possible go for well-known brands, as these will usually offer the latest features (central arm that can be used as a monopod or which swings out horizontally, etc.).
  • If you are using a compact, mini tripods are small, light and suitable for resting on a low wall or against your chest. Some are also suitable for use with SLRs.


Filters are designed to be used with SLR lenses, with a number of types available:

  • UV filters: for reducing ultraviolet exposure and protecting the front lens from impact.
  •  Neutral density filters: for attenuating brightness. Available in a range of densities and with graduated versions.
  • Circular polarising filters: for attenuating unwanted reflections and increasing colour saturation.
  • Creative filters: for creating visual effects (coloration, sparkle effects, motion blur, etc.). These often require adapters that can hold multiple filters, thus allowing you to combine their effects.

Cases and bags

  • Small camera cases are designed to hold a compact camera plus memory cards. They can then be carried in your bag or attached to your belt.
  • Camera bags are available in various sizes and are designed to hold a single camera or pair of cameras along with lenses, accessories or even a laptop computer. They are fitted with a shoulder strap. Check that they are rainproof.