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Canson® Mi-Teintes® or the paper that meets all your needs...

19 June 2018

A unique range of colours and an unparalleled mechanical make-up with a high cotton content and double texture (a honeycombed grain on one side and a fine grain on the other), giving you the freedom to go where creativity takes you: these are the qualities of Canson® Mi-Teintes®.

For over 150 years , many pastel artists, illustrators, designers and even school children have been expressing their creativity and playing with the different grains and colours of Canson® Mi-Teintes®.


Canson® Mi-Teintes® is an exceptional paper, perfect for fine art techniques (pastel, charcoal, red chalk, pencil and even poster paint), and manual activities (folding, cutting, collage, card-making etc.)


The benefits of this creative paper: