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Canson® Creative Leisure ranges

Canson® Silk Paper & Polycristalline Film

Canson® offers a wide range of rolls dedicated to creative leisure activities: crepe, kraft, corrugated ... Much to the delight of young and old for their art and craft activities!


The Canson® Silk paper has no folds and is pulp-dyed for better color preservation. Its transparency makes it ideal for use with lights.

The Canson® Polycristalline film is often associated with silk paper for the original and colorful packaging. It can be used under moist conditions to wrap beautiful flowers, but also under dry conditions to display or protect objects (candles, soap, gifts, etc.)

This product is unavailable in Australia.

Weight or thickness

Canson® silk paper: 20 gsm
Canson® polycristalline film: 35 μ

Colours and textures

Number of colours available:

  • Canson® silk paper: 12
  • Canson® polycristalline film: 1


Canson® Silk paper: 0,5 x5 m
Canson® Polycristalline film: 0,7 x 3 m