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Canson® Creative Leisure ranges

Canson® Crepe Paper

Canson® offers a wide range of rolls dedicated to creative leisure activities: crepe, kraft, corrugated ... Much to the delight of young and old for their art and craft activities!

The Canson® Crepe Paper is available in many vibrant colors.


  • The superior quality 48 gsm, 140% stretching capacity,

The superior crepe paper is tear resistant thanks to its high weight, an essential quality to make fancy dress. Having an above normal stretching capacity of 140%, it is very expandable. The colour range is very vibrant due to its high density. Ideal for art crafts: tinsels, 3D work...

  • The standard quality 32 gsm, 60% stretching capacity,

The standard crepe paper brings together resistance and ease of use in all situations. Having a stretching capacity of 60%, it is expandable and soft to the touch. Ideal for all creative ideas thanks to its large range of colours.

  • The Metallic Crepe quality 80gsm 95% strechching capacity,

The shiny finish of the metallic crepe paper is suitable for party decorations (birthdays, Christmas holidays...). It brings together the highest weight of the crepe range and a stretching capacity of 95%: tear resistant and very expandable, it is thick and available in a range of 5 vibrant colours.

These products are unavailable in Australia.

Weight or thickness

  • Canson® superior crepe paper: 48 gsm - 140%
  • Canson® standard crepe paper: 32 gsm - 60%
  • Canson® metallic crepe paper: 80 gsm - 95%

Colours and textures

Number of colours available:
Canson® superior crepe paper: 27
Canson® standard crepe paper: 25
Canson® metallic crepe paper: 5


Roll: 0,5 x 2,5 m