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XL® Aquarelle Spiral bound pad 300 g/m² cold pressed

Easy to correct and offering an all-terrain surface, XL® Watercolour is an ideal paper for all beginners. It contains no acid or OBAs for improved preservation over time.


The spiral bound pad is ideal for use with little water. It is a rigid, portable media; ideal for students on the move. The spiral binding allows the sheets to be completely turned to the back of the pad. Featuring micro-perforations, the sheets are easily detachable.


The cold pressed paper allows relief effects at the same time as a highly delicate finish. The lightly grained texture reflects light well, preserving the transparent qualities of the watercolour. It is the easiest surface to work on.


300 g/m² is the most classic weight (not too fine, not too thick). It resists tearing that may sometimes occur with more lightweight papers. The amount of water is easier to measure when using papers of a superior weight. It is a well-balanced option when all of the subtleties of watercolour have not yet been mastered.


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