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Stéphane Langeron

Stéphane Langeron is a watercolour artist who has lived in the Vaucluse for thirty years.It is in this department that he draws his inspiration, immersing himself in "Nature" through immersions in the landscape, inspiring and jubilant.

In recent years Stéphane Langeron has moved away from the figurative style to devote himself to more personal creations, moving towards a certain abstraction. But “Nature” remains the very essence of his work. He now focuses on highlighting some of his elements in colorful harmonies. The trees, the rock, by their textures, offer him the opportunity to exploit all the techniques specific to watercolor.
Granulation, drips and other pigmented projections are put to use in paintings full of light and intense contrasts.

You can easily meet him since he participates in many watercolor fairs and leads workshops throughout France.

You can already consult his website or join his community on social networks.

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For my more free-flowing watercolours, I've found a new partner in CANSON MONTVAL paper. It's very suitable for working wet on wet. I try to take advantage of all its capabilities. The flow of pigments varies throughout the water cycle, offering a beautiful variety of effects and textures. It's ideal for background work, as it does a great job of withstanding the masking fluid I use on a regular basis. I also appreciate its whiteness. It really intensifies deep contrasts.