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Create your stencil with Canson® !

14 February 2017

Have you always been tempted to try your hand at street art? Give it a try with Canson® The Wall paper, our media for use with stencils and one or more cans of spray paint.

In just a few steps, you can createa work in stencil from your imagination, orfrom a photo.


Step 1


Select a photo transpose it into neutral tones : black and white. If you have a software program such as Photoshop, the method is ultra simple : in the " Image" menu, select "Settings", and then "Threshold". If you wish you can choose the level of detail in your edited image. Click on OK. Then print this photo.



Step 2


Using a felt-tip pen, trace the contours onto the Canson® mount for stencils. Once again, you can at this point vary the amount of detail you want to show. The less detailled your contours, the simpler things will be in the next steps !




Step 3


A key step ! You must now cucut your Canson® mount for stencils. By following the contours you have traced onto the stencil mount, remove the sections thatcorrespond tothe black areas of your photo using a cutter or a scalpel.





Step 4


Select the aerosol can (or cans) in the colours of your choice. Place the stencil mount onto a sheet of Canson® The Wall paper




Step 5


Spray the paper.








Step 6


Remove the stencil. And there it is ! You are now a budding street artist.




Feel free to post your result on our Facebook page !