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Canson® becomes part of F.I.L.A.

12 December 2016

With 450 years of history and expertise in paper-making, the French brand, distributed in over 100 countries, has now been acquired by F.I.L.A. Group

Massimo Candela, Chief Executive Officer of FILA stated:

"Canson® is the most recognised business globally involved in the production and distribution of high added value paper and we are very proud of this acquisition. Canson® acquisition, together with the recent acquisitions of Daler Rowney Lukas and St Cuthberts, demostrate our international focus. We believe that the recent deals are crucial for the growth and further development of the FILA Group which seeks to become a global leader also in the Art and Craft sector”.


About F.I.L.A.​

"Welcome to the world of F.I.L.A. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini, the Italian company which every day for nearly 100 years has awoken the creativity within generations of children, while re-assuring parents and teachers with safe, high-quality products and providing artists and designers with the best tools available to express their talents. We are a business whose long tradition lies at the heart of its success, but which remains dynamic, inspired and highly-innovative and whose brands and products are now available in over 50 Countries across the world. We take great pride in our work and are highly optimistic for what the future will bring."
Massimo Candela


F.I.L.A. (Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini), founded in Florence in 1920 and managed since 1956 by the Candela family, is a highly consolidated, dynamic and innovative Italian industrial enterprise and continues to grow market share. In November 2015, F.I.L.A. listed on the STAR segment of the Milan Stock Exchange. The company, with revenue of over Euro 275 million in 2015, has grown significantly over the last twenty years and has achieved a series of strategic acquisitions, including the Italian Adica Pongo, the US Dixon Ticonderoga, the German LYRA, the Mexican Lapiceria Mexicana, the Brazilian Lycin, the English Daler-Rowney Lukas and St. Cuthberts and the French Canson®.


F.I.L.A. is an icon of Italian creativity globally through its colouring, drawing, modelling, writing and painting tools, thanks to brands such as Giotto, Tratto, Das, Didò, Pongo, Lyra, Doms, Maimeri and Daler. Since its foundation, F.I.L.A. has chosen to focus on growth through continuous innovation, both in technological and product terms, in order to enable individuals to express their ideas and talent through tools of exceptional quality. In addition, F.I.L.A. and the Group companies work together with the Institutions to support educational and cultural projects which promote creativity and expression among individuals and make culture accessible to all. F.I.L.A. operates through 21 production facilities (of which 2 in Italy) and 39 subsidiaries across the globe and employs more than 6,500.