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Montval Four side glued pad 300 g/m² cold pressed

Montval® is a paper that was designed by the painter Gaspard Maillol, nephew of the sculptor Aristide Maillol, and manufactured by Canson® at his request at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, the paper has acquired new qualities. Acid-free, with excellent longevity, treated against mould and free of any optical brightening additives, this is a superior quality watercolour study paper that is very easy to use thanks to its excellent "touch-up" (ability of a paper to be brush washed for correction). Montval® can be corrected by scratching, without fluffing. It is suitable for all wet techniques: watercolour, gouache, acrylic. These properties make it a paper that is accessible to everybody.


The four side glued pad keeps the paper perfectly taut, even when wet. An unbound space at the corner of the block allows a blade to be passed through to detach the sheet when finished. Ready to use and ideal for beginners, it makes work outside as easy as in the studio.


The cold pressed paper allows relief effects at the same time as a highly delicate finish. The lightly grained texture reflects light well, preserving the transparent qualities of the watercolour. It is the easiest surface to work on.


300 g/m² is the most classic weight (not too fine, not too thick). It resists tearing that may sometimes occur with more lightweight papers. The amount of water is easier to measure when using papers of a superior weight. It is a well-balanced option when all of the subtleties of watercolour have not yet been mastered.


Montval® is available in various grains, weight and presentation types. Click here to discover the complete range.

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