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Canson® Graphic Arts ranges

Canson® Graphic Arts

The Canson® Graphic Arts range is specifically designed for the world of illustration, design and graphic creation.
It features essential media such as:

  • Canson® "C" à grain® 224 gsm "C" à grain® paper is ideal for drawing on account of its fine grain, that is neither too smooth nor too prominent, permitting both effects of relief and very precise drawing. It is stock and surface-sized to withstand repeated erasing and scraping without flaking. It is suitable for use with pencil or ink.
  • Canson® Black 240 gsm Deep black paper, smooth, stock-dyed and withstanding erasing and scraping.
  • Canson® tracing paper 70 and 90 gsm Genuine Canson® manufactured tracing paper. Satin surface. High transparency.
  • Canson® Bristol 180 and 250 gsm This ultra-fine bristol paper, with its satin finish, is ultra-white and extremely smooth. Highly resistant, it withstands repeated corrections by scraping and erasing. 
  • Canson® layout paper 250 gsm This paper is semi-transparent, ultra-white and extremely smooth, for layout work. It withstands water and has a special barrier preventing ink penetration, so pigment stays on the surface and does not come through the paper. Marker layout paper shows colours at their best and permits velvety flat tints.


This product is unavailable in Australia.

Weight or thickness

70, 90,180, 224, 240 and 250 gsm

Recommended techniques

Ideal for

  • Canson® "C" à grain® 224 gsm: pencil, pastel,charcoal, pen, ink and felt-tip pen
  • Canson® Black 240 gsm: pencil, pastel and charcoal
  • Canson® tracing paper​ 70 et 90 gsm: pencil, pen, ink and felt-tip pen
  • Canson® Bristol 180 et 250 gsm: pencil, pen, ink and felt-tip pen
  • Canson® layout paper 250 gsm: pen, ink, felt-tip pen and markers


Sheet: from 21 x 29,7 cm to 75 x 110 cm (only for Bristol)
Pad: 21 x 29,7 cm and 29,7 x 42 cm

Standard & Longevity guarantee

  • Acid-free (for Bristol).
  • Acid-free and  without optical brightness additives (for Black and tracing paper).
  • Complies with ISO Standard 9706, acid-free and without optical brightness additives (for "C" à grain®)