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2015 Prix Canson®: Adrián Villar Rojas

« Adrián Villar Rojas made a name for himself for monumental works. With concrete sculptures that chill like post-apocalyptic visions. Like the forest of monstrous pylons or giant mushrooms that he imagined in 2011 for the Venice Biennale, where he represented his country. Or this enormous cone he left beached in the Tuileries gardens in Paris the same year, like a rocket that had crashed to the ground. Or those concretions of cement, rubbish and weeds he scattered along overgrown sections of the High Line in New York in 2014. When he takes hold of the pencil or ink jet, the result is just as sombre. Even though, on paper, in the turn a disquieting form, colour makes an appearance. Even though, behind the cracks he sketches, we catch a glimpse of utopia. In these works we can make out parallel worlds in the style of Antoine Volodin, ruins full of promise that are reminiscent of Mad Max. As if the lightness of the drawing authorised this great fan of science fiction bursts of imagination that sculpture would seem to prohibit.»

Thomas Jean, journalist - Beaux-Arts Magazine