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Canson® Framing ranges

Canson® Backing Boards

Canson® offers a range of cardboards for making framing backs or any other handicraft requiring a stiff medium (backing, displays, mock-ups, document supports, etc.).

The Canson® Cellulose cardboard made with neutral mechanical pulp (acid-free) can be used as backing or packaging...

The Canson® Grey cardboard is made from recycled papers with the risk of residual acidity.

If used as back cardboards, we advise separating it from artwork with a sheet of acid-free paper or cardboard.


Weight or thickness

Canson® Cellulose cardboard: 0,6 - 1,2 - 1,8 - 2,4 et 3 mm
Canson® Grey cardboard: 1 - 2 et 3 mm

Recommended techniques

 Ideal for : Backing, displays, mock-ups, document supports


  • Canson® Cellulose cardboard

60 x 80 and 80 x 120cm
0,6 mm also available in 50 x 65 cm

  • Canson® Grey cardboard:

60 x 80 and 80 x 120cm
2 mm also available in 50 x 65 cm

Standard & Longevity guarantee

Cellulose cardboard:  Acid free