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Create a pop-up card

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Time required: 1h

Some paper, a pair of scissors, glue, a few felt pens and a little bit of imagination are all you'll need to make a pop-up house card with your children.

List of materials:

Step 1: Template

Download the template for the pop-up card.

Print it on to the sheet of Dawn Pink Canson® Mi-Teintes paper


Step 2: Cutting out the house

Cut out the square and make the folds (which are indicated with dotted lines) using a ruler.

Cut out the windows of the little house using a craft knife.

Step 3: Cutting out and assembling the card

Next, cut a 21cm x 21cm square in the Canson® Mi-Teintes Dark Grey paper, and fold it in half at the centre.

Glue the house (the printed side) in the middle of this sheet.

Step 4: Cutting out and glueing the scenery

Cut out all of the embellishments, either by superimposing the template on to the coloured paper or by tracing the shapes.Glue the clouds wherever you like.

Glue one of the big strips on the bottom section of the house and the second below the windows.

Then you just need to add the finishing touches to the house: the blinds either side of the window. The shortest strip of paper will be the step upon which you will place the door.

Step 5: Final artwork

When it comes to decorating the house, let your imagination run wild.

This is how we approached it:
Use a black felt tip pen to draw the tiles on to the roof and the patterns at the bottom of the house then draw stylised pink and orange plants either side of the dwelling.