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From Waste Reduction to Responsible Behavior

Canson et l'environnement

« Canson® paper mills are low-waste certified, producing less than 40 kg of waste per ton of Canson® paper sold »


It is particularly important to reduce production waste on our manufacturing sites. Indeed, the bulk of the waste stemming from our production sites consists of paper and cardboard (over 600 T per year).


How can we reduce production waste?

When we design our products, we try to minimize waste production at source. We particularly focus on reducing waste paper, by reducing offcuts, optimizing spool lengths, etc. Our waste-paper rate has thus dropped to 4.1% of the tonnage sold. 


What are the improvement objectives for the years to come?

Our objective is to reduce our waste-paper rate to less than 3.7% of the paper tonnage sold.

“For several decades now, we have been giving our offcuts of quality papers to local schools to introduce children to all types of techniques in drawing, painting, watercolors, etc. Every year, the local community thus benefits from several tons of paper."
Mrs. Lichtenberger, Head of Quality & Environment at Canson®