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The 2014 Prix Canson® Finalists



Born in 1965, Vanuatu, South Pacific. Lives and Works in Marseille, France​

Sculptures, photographs, large-scale drawings and installations, the work of French artist Gilles Barbier is multidisciplined and abundant.
He does not identify his work as a critique of the world, « a painting of the world » and its problems, but as a work of fiction. For a number of years, he has been living a life of patient and stubborn asceticism, copying pages from old, highlyillustrated dictionaries on large format paper, exploring writings, drawings, errors and corrections.
«I try to distill language; to poke at it, graze it, chew it, ingest it. I like the idea of emulsion in my drawings and sculptures.»



Born in 1972, London, UK. Lives and works in New York​

An atypical figure in the world of contemporary art, the English artist Simon Evans was a skater before he began writing stories and songs. His drawings, graphs,
charts, diagrams and plans, classifications and inventories are all graphic elements of concrete poetry and « psychography » or automatic writing. He explores a kind of emotional mapping between introspection and projection, ranging from the graphically illustrated aesthetic of early 20th century educational posters to the digital mapping of the 21st century. « I try to integrate the outside world with my inner vision. »


Deborah GRANT

Born in 1968, Toronto, Canada. Lives and works in New York

Canadian artist Deborah Grant’s paintings, drawings and collages revisit politics, racial history and cultural identities. She uses images from magazines, comic books, science books and art books. She draws her references from Picasso, Bacon, Basquiat and Matisse, as well as other lesserknown artists such as Bill Traylor and William H. Johnson. Composed of silhouettes, complex drawings and photographs, her collages offer an alternative interpretation of modernist painting and its history.



Born in 1984, Oaxaca, Mexico. Lives and works in Oaxaca, Mexico and Paris​

From wall-sized graphic frescoes to works on paper, drawing forms the centre of Mexican artist Bayrol Jiménez’s approach. His sources are numerous, from murals of South American culture to images of religious iconography ; from horror films to images of pop music and underground comics. « My interest in drawing takes several directions. One is very formal, closely resembling the work of Renaissance painters. Another questions images created by mass media and a collective imagination, sometimes kitsch, surreal, absurd, fantastic or enchanted. »


Alexandre SINGH

Born in 1980, Bordeaux, France. Lives and works in New York

Playwriting, sculpture, drawing, collage and performance, the work of artist Alexandre Singh, born in Bordeaux to French and Indian parents, raised in the
UK defies categorization. His graphic works are comprised of drawings and photographic collages. Through schemas and scientific findings, his works express the cognitive links of the mind, chance encounters and the density of memory. « I love telling stories. Tales which deliver rich characters or objects, gestures or actions; in short, a visual field. »