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Canson® Filing Products ranges

Canson® Illustration Portfolio

Canson® portfolios, available in varnished brown or customisable natural colours, feature creative designs or the famous black and green Annonay paper cover, are suitable for all budgets and needs, and are designed especiallyfor carrying and conserving your work.

Everyone can find the portfolio that suits him: Canson® Studio, specially for Fine Arts students, Canson® Classic, varnished Annonay paper, Canson® Tendance, similar to the Canson® Studio but brown and kraft covered, Canson® Customisable, for smaller budgets.
And if you like Street Art, Rock ‘N Roll, or Vintage styles, check out our new Canson® Creative Studio line. 


This product is unavailable in Australia.

Colours and textures

  • Canson® Classic illustration portfolio (3 ribbons) : Annonay exterior paper 
  • Canson® Studio illustration portfolio (2 elastic closures) : Annonay exterior paper 
  • Canson® Tendance illustration portfolio (2 elastic closures) : Edged brown varnished exterior
  • Canson® Brut Customisable illustration portfolio (2 elastic closures) : Grey
  • Canson® Creative Studio portfolio (2 elastic closures) : Design inspired by New York, London, or Rome


  • Canson® Classic illustration portfolio: from 26 x 33 cm to 61 x 121 cm
  • Canson® Studio, Tendance & Brut Customisable illustration portfolio: from 26 x 33 cm to 61 x 81 cm
  • Canson® Creative Studio portfolio: 26x33cm et 32x45cm