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Thierry Duval

"My work is the result of a careful mix between the hyper realism and poetry of the place being represented.

I hope to be a sensitive and accurate observer of nature and the city, attentive to the smallest variations in light. My watercolours of urban scenes restore the historical beauty of Paris or Venice, as well as their unusual and mysterious sides."

Thierry Duval.


I graduated from the Paris School of Decorative Arts in 1982, then became an illustrator and creative artist at a large Parisian advertising agency; I have painted since I was a child. In 1990, a big Italian restaurant in Paris, “Raffaélo”, asked me to create pastel copies of the works of the Renaissance painter, Raffael, which is perhaps where my taste for the great masters of academic painting comes from. It was while preparing the entrance exam for the Paris School of Decorative Arts that I discovered the works of the painter Delacroix, which is where my passion for watercolours originated.